What? I like the name - and the pretty butterfly - so I'm using it for my personal code project.

What is callicore? Well, officially it's an empty svn repository and two mailing lists (at this point.) The ultimate goal is to create a php-gtk2 desktop application that can interact with a heavily ajaxified (is that a word) php mvc style website application.

But I'm only writing what I'm going to use. Step one - to consolidate mounds of code I've been writing here there and everywhere.

From my first php application (the now defunct The Aurora Php Portal System or tapps...jeez that was long ago) until all the code for both a wordpress fork and kalfu I have a huge library of, well, junk.

Why do I keep all this stuff sitting around instead of using "existing frameworks" and other such stuff?

I guess I'm just weird. And anal... And when I started writing all this stuff OO wasn't "the thing" with php and no one was writing php5 code. Now there's Zend Framework and ezComponents and everything else. But I haven't liked any of the frameworks I've tried out. Zend just isn't stable enough yet - heck their mysqli adapater is broken at the moment and they include files all over the place instead of using spl_autoload_register or some other intelligent method. I also cringe at the directory structure and millions of exception classes.

ezComponents simply scares me because of the size - really the code isn't too bad although they tend to run in the zend framework direction with a million exceptions and too many classes (this isn't java, people). And I don't think like prado..... really solar is the closest I've seen to the way I code and the way my brain works but everything branches off a base class....and it runs a bit to the java end as well.

So that's why I tend to "roll my own" - awful isn't it?


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