Windows sucks... but we already knew that

So I've been working on some command line tools and wanted to add some color to the text (red for fail, green for pass... Testing ya know?) Now most console tools allow you to use something called ansi escape codes. The right code and, voila, red text on a white background. This is a pretty basic thing for most terminals.

Enter windows. No ansi escape code support - bah. Now in windows 9x and ME you can add it in - all you have to do is follow the instructions. That's all well and good, but what if you don't want to run in the MS-DOS subsystem on XP or NT?? Then you're screwed according to windows. However, I have found a way...

Msub appears to be a text manipulation tool - but I found a rather obscure reference (after a LOT of google searching) to a tool it uses - ansi.exe Wow - with source code even.

And it does work. Since I tend to use batch files or shortcuts to run windows programs anyway, it's a trivial matter to add a | "path/to/ansi" on to the end :)

Now why stupid Microsoft has support for something in an earlier version and NOT a later is just.... Infuriating? Especially since they're so gung-ho about "backward-compatibility" for everything else.

In other news, pretty colors for the console text wizards and reporters I've been working on for callicore...I'll just bundle up the ansi thing :) Have I mentioned that I love open source recently? Lemme reiterate that fact AGAIN.


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